Pro Switchable Warm / Cold White Fairy Lights | White Rubber Cable

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240V Warm White / Cool White Fairy Lights 2 in 1 - Commercial Grade. 

100 Warm White / Cool White LEDs on a 10M Cable. 

  • 0.1M Lead In
  • 0.1M Lead Out
  • 0.1M Between Led Bulbs
  • Overall Length - 10.1M

Simply swap the orientation of the connection by 180 degrees to change between Warm and Cool White LED Chips. This gives total flexibility when installaing these lights.

Ideal for hire as you only need to keep one type of fairy lights in stock. 

Connectable every 5 metres. 10 metre lengths will be supplied as 2 qty 5M lengths.

IP65 for prolonged outdoor use. 

Supplied with or without 13A Starter Adaptor with which up to 300m of lights can be used.

Aceessories including extension leads, splitters and adaptors available.

CE and ROHS Marked with 12 Month Warranty.