Heavy Duty 13A Extension Leads

Our range of heavy duty 13A extension leads are all made from tough durable Nexans Titanex H07RN-F rubber cable, and Masterplug Permaplug trailing plugs and sockets. All assembled here in the UK by our technicians.

Available with 1, 2, or 4 gang way sockets, and up to 20 metres in length. These extension cables are ideal for either domestic or professional use, including machinery, engineering, welding, events, stage, marquee, catering, commercial, site power, workshop, and power distribution applications.

Many cheaper 13 amp extension leads are made with a 1.25mm² flex that is often not suitable for applications where a consistent high draw is required and as such can overheat. All our H07RN-F rubber cable 13A extension cables are made with thicker 1.5mm² flex which will comfortably handle a constant 13A draw.

We also offer a range of RCD safety leads which offer protection and current earth leakage and will trip if a fault it detected. The RCD can then be reset once the fault is cleared, plus the devices also feature a test button allowing you to test the RCD is working before every use.

Should you have any questions or require advice please get in touch.