Heavy Duty 16A Extension Leads

We assemble all of our heavy duty 16A extension leads by hand in the UK. Made from tough durable Nexans Titanex H07RN-F rubber cable, and PCE trailing plugs and sockets, they're built to last in the most demanding environments.

Available with either 3 pin single phase or 5 pin three phase connectors, and up to 50 metres in length. These extension cables are ideal for either domestic or professional use, including machinery, engineering, welding, events, stage, marquee, catering, commercial, site power, workshop, and power distribution applications.

Made with a thick 2.5mm² flex, the rugged and flexible H07RN-F rubber cable will comfortably handle a constant 16A draw with minimal voltage drop. The leads are easy run out and coiled thanks to their exceptional flexibility even in low temperatures.

We offer 16 amp extension leads for use with three voltages: 110V, 230V, and 400V. 110V yellow and 230V blue connectors utilise 3 pins in a 2P+E configuration for single phase applications. 400V red connectors have 5 pins in a 3P+N+E configuration for 3 phase use.

Lastly, we also stock IP44 and IP67 variants. We recommend IP44 for temporary applications and are splashproof for use outdoors. IP67 with its higher waterproof rating is better suited for longer term or permanent installations.

Should you have any questions or require advice please get in touch.