PCE MERZ Distribution Box 63A 400V > 3x 32A 230V + 6x 16A 230V - RCD/MCBs

Part No: Part No: A81

Brand: PCE

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PCE MERZ Portable Power Distribution Board - 63 Amp 415V Three Phase to 3 x 32 Amp 240V Single Phase and 6 x 16 Amp 240V Single Phase Sockets

Stackable design made with shock-resistant polyamide. Durable construction with clear window for access to circuit breakers. 

Compact event power distro with RCD/MCB protection. See our power distribution unit circuit breaker protection types page for more information.

IP44 waterproof rating for outdoor use. See our IP ratings page for more information.

Made in Austria, these heavy duty power distribution units are suitable for all industrial machinery, engineering, welding, event, marquee, catering, commercial, site power, workshop, and power distribution applications.


  • Input: 63A 400V 5 Pin 3P+N+E Inlet
  • Outputs: 
    • 3 x 32A 230V 3 Pin 2P+E Sockets
    • 6 x 16A 230V 3 Pin 2P+E Sockets
  • Protection: 
    • 3 x 32A Type C MCB (one per 32A 230V output)
    • 6 x 16A Type C MCB (one per 16A 230V output)
    • Overall 63A 30mA 4-Pole RCD (protecting all outputs)
  • IP Rating: IP44
  • MPN: A81

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