2 Way Soft Y Splitter Cable - 2.5mm² 3 Core H07RN-F

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Heavy Duty IP44 2 Way Soft Y-Splitter Mains Power Adaptor Leads

0.5 Metre Input > 2 x 0.5 Metre Outputs


  • Cable: Nexans Titanex 3G2.5 2.5mm² 3 Core H07RN-F Rubber
  • Max Current: 20A
  • IP Rating: IP44


Assembled to the highest standard, these cables are suitable for all heavy duty domestic, industrial, engineering, welding, event, marquee, catering, commercial, site power, workshop, and power distribution applications.

Made with the highest quality Nexans Titanex 2.5mm² 3 Core H07RN-F rubber cable, offering exceptional strength and flexibility even in the most demanding environments.  

Rated IP44 Splashproof - suitable for temporary use outdoors.