Royale Lanterns - 20M with 20 Coloured Lanterns @ 1M Spacing - Black Cable


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Turnock Royale Lanterns Set - 20 Metre Length on Black PVC or RUBBER Cable with 20 Lanterns @ 1 Metre Spacing, supplied with LUMiLiFE 240V 2.3W LED Lamps.

Royale Lanterns Specs:

  • Overall Length: 22 Metres
  • No. of Lanterns: 20 - mix of Amber, Blue, Green, Magenta, Red, and Yellow
  • Lantern Spacing: 1 Metre
  • Distance Between First and Last Lantern: 19 Metres
  • Lead In: 3 Metres with a 13A Plug fitted (please see here to have a 16A plug fitted
  • Lead Out: Short with Terminated End
  • Photos may not show this specific cable/length/lamp spacing version 


Supplied with the below lamps (see SPECS for link to lamp specifications). The package includes 20 lamps plus 1 spare:

  • LUMiLiFE 240V 2.3W Clear Warm White LED Filament Glass Lamps (SPECS)


    The Royale Lanterns are rated IP33 for outdoor use but the 13A plug must be placed indoors or in an enclosed weatherproof outdoor socket. The lanterns should be facing down when installed, up to a maximum of 45 degrees to help prevent water ingress.

    The shades externally measure 49mm(L) x 49mm(W) x 77mm(H) and are vandal-resistent, requiring a small flat head screwdriver to allow them to twist and detach from the lampholder to allow access the lamp.

    Mounting hooks included.

    The coloured shades provide some wonderful colour tones like those seen on commercial trees and displays in decades gone by, as the lamps imitate a tungsten source the colours all have a warmer tone than newer LED alternatives. All of our Royale sets are also available with all clear shades creating an eye catching warm white. Perfect for all occasions and seasonal events, including Christmas and all other celebrations.

    Through our extensive experience with festoon lighting as a hire company we have found Turnock Festoons to be the highest quality available with exceptional durability and longevity, they're manufactured here in the UK and we use these festoons in our own hire stock.

    These are heavy duty commercial grade black PVC or RUBBER cable strings manufactured to the highest quality suitable for domestic or professional use.

    The difference between PVC and RUBBER cable: with both options the Festoon lampholders are unaffected, it is simply what the cable flex is made of. Both PVC and RUBBER options are heavy duty but the RUBBER cable is much better to work with mainly in terms of it's flexibility and ease of handling.

    Other lengths and lamp spacing options are available.

    Photos may not show actual length/lamp spacing version.

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