Festoon - 100M with 100 Lampholders @ 1M Spacing - Heavy Duty RUBBER


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Festoon Lighting String Harness - 100 metre length on black RUBBER cable with 100 BC or ES lampholders @ 1 metre spacing.  

Festoon Specs:

  • Overall Length: 100 Metres
  • No. of Lampholders: 100
  • Lampholder Fitting: Bayonet Cap (BC/B22) or Edison Screw (ES/E27)
  • Lampholder Spacing: 1 Metre
  • Distance Between First and Last Lampholder: 99 Metres
  • Lead In: 0.5 Metres with 16A PCE Midnight Black Plug Fitted
  • Lead Out: 0.5 Metres with Terminated End
  • Photos may not show this specific length/lamp spacing version 

Fitted with rubber lamp seals and once lamps are fitted the festoon is rated IP55 for outdoor use. The lampholders can accept Bayonet Cap (BC/B22) or Edison Screw (ES/E27) - use options to select - lamps up to a maximum of 25 watts each. The lampholders should be facing down when installed, up to a maximum of 45 degrees to help prevent water ingress.

No mounting hooks included.

Through our extensive experience with festoon lighting as a hire company we have found Turnock Festoons to be the highest quality available with exceptional durability and longevity, they're manufactured here in the UK and we use these festoons in our own hire stock.

These are heavy duty commercial grade black RUBBER cable strings manufactured to the highest quality suitable for professional use.

The difference between BC and ES lampholders: with both options the Festoon cable and lampholders are exactly the same in dimensions etc, it is simply the fitting inside the lampholders that will affect what lamps can be used with the Festoon. Which lampholders you require would depend on what lamps you intend to use with the festoon, different lamp types are sometimes more readily available in one lampholder type than the other so always be sure to check carefully before ordering.

If your intended application for the festoon will involve tranporting it and hanging it in different places we would highly recommend removing all the lamps as you take down the Festoon cable for transport and then reinstalling them as you put it back up again. Not only will this massively help to reduce breakages particularly if the lamps are made of glass, but you will also find the Festoon cable considerably easier to handle and mount.

This listing is for the Festoon string harness only and is sold without lamps.

Other lengths and lamp spacing options are available.

Photos may not show actual length/lamp spacing version.

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